• "Solutions" project
    ( www.solutions.am )
    Youth is the power of solutions for the development challenges of Armenia. We believe that enabling active youth through work & business opportunities we can support the development of Armenia and realization of the fullest potential of its citizens.

Mission of the Solutions project:

  • to create opportunities for active youth to begin their careers & implement projects
    • to involve youth from regions, especially for important local projects
    • to give chance to youth from needy families, graduates from orphanages & special schools
  • to connect with professionals who are willing to share experience & inspire beginning specialists & entrepreneurs
  • to cooperate with organizations which see the the importance to support business and public-good oriented projects by youth

Other directions of our team's activities:

  • "Leadership School" Foundation
    ( www.leadershipschool.am )
    In the global reality of accelerating changes Armenia needs faster development, one of the most important requirements of which is the discovery and development of strong leaders within the young generation.
    We believe that in cooperation with prominent Armenian and international leaders, thinkers and organizations we can support the development of future Armenian leaders.
  • "IT School" Foundation
    ( www.itschool.am )
    IT specialists at the forefront of progress: innovators and techno-preneurs are one of the most important requirements for the development of Armenia and transition to the knowledge society model.
    We believe that through future-oriented, practical and fast education we can contribute to the formation of new generation IT specialists.
  • "Future is Open" educational NGO
    ( www.fio.am )
    Ensuring equal educational opportunities for all children is one of the most important requirements for the comprehensive development of Armenia and realization of future citizens' potential.
    We believe that with educational programs for the endangered children (orphanages & special schools, disadvantaged families), which we are conducting already more than 6 years, we can help them to become decent citizens of Armenia.


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