New Opportunities Forum: Tourism in Armenia | 01.07.2013

01.07.2013: Keynote speeches & discussions

Mekhak Apresyan (head of the department, Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Economy) is outlining the general situation of the tourism sphere in Armenia.

Dr. Suresh Babu (Indian Ambassador) is answering questions about the Indian experience of inbound tourism marketing.

Kieran Cooke (journalist) is introducing the Irish experience of Diaspora-oriented tourism initiatives and diversity of events.

Marcelo Wende (general manager, Armenia International Airports) is emphasizing the role of solid infrastructure and the importance of open skies policy.

Renee-Marie Stephano (president, Medical Tourism Association) is analyzing medical tourism perspectives for Armenia with strong focus on innovation, marketing, and local priorities.

Pamela Karg (founder, Karg Communications) is sharing her experience as a foreigner stressing the value of communication.

Discussions and celebration of our partner Tourinfo magazine's 10 year anniversary.

02.07.2013: Special Visits

Visit to the airoport, and the opening ceremony of the 1st Visitor Information Center.

Visit to the memorial museum of Alexander Spendiaryan, and lecture on the topic of Quality Management for tourism sphere professionals (Mary Miller, managing partner, MPROVE GLOBAL).

03.07.2013: Medical Tourism Workshop

Medical Tourism Workshop for medical and tourism sphere professionals and youth
organized jointly with Yerevan State Medical University and Dental Tourism Armenia project.

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