Be the change you want to see in the world. - Gandhi


Do you remember how you started your career? The difficulties of beginning practical work, the differences from theoretical education? But most of all: the people who were helping you with their advice & experience.
What if you can be such a person for youth just beginning to work? With two hours of your time a week you can:
  • implement business projects with aspiring youth
  • share your valuable knowledge & experience with them
  • inspire the youth to work and achieve, to innovate and even start new businesses or public-good initiatives
  • help to scale this project into regions
  • make new friends, and become part of a new-mentality community where work / business is not just for profit

Organization Representatives

Do you see the importance of supporting business and public-good oriented projects by youth? Do you want to give young specialists a chance to begin? You can:
  • contract our young specialists to implement a task for your organization (with guaranteed quality)
  • support their public-good initiatives within the frames of your organization's CSR policy
  • target specific projects (e.g. important for regions)

Our current focus areas are:
  • web design & development (including mobile)
  • marketing
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