New Opportunities Forum: Rule of Law and Development | 02.12.2013

02.12.2013: Keynote speeches & discussions

Dr. Thomas Samuelian (dean, College of Humanities & Social Sciences, AUA) is outlining the conceptual foundations of the law.

Hrair Tovmasyan (Minister of Justice) is analyzing the history of the sphere & sharing his vision for the future.

Aram Orbelyan (Deputy Justice Minister) is presenting the situation and innovative trends in the electronic government system.

Edmon Marukyan (lawyer, independent MP) is emphasizing the importance of human rights and the need to answer challenges facing Armenia.

Andrew Chakhoyan (senior community manager for Eurasia, World Economic Forum) is underlining the role of institutions for the competitiveness and development of Armenia.

Bruce Matzkin (lawyer, USA) is presenting practical innovations in the sphere.

03.12.2013: Special meeting and discussion with the World Economic Forum representative

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